Uganda: Rebrand Agriculture to Lure Youth

Ugandans have been urged to invest more in the agriculture sector as a means to curb the increasing unemployment especially among the youth. Philipe Dongier, the World Bank's Country Director says although Uganda's economy is growing, the largest population comprising the youth is not participating in the economic development. Dongier was speaking during the launch of the economic update report, 'Job As Key to Prosperity' in Kampala last week.He said the youth are shunning agriculture because they do not have the financial barking to adopt new farming skills. By accelerating transformation, jobs in the manufacturing and services sectors are projected to increase to between 8 million to 12 million by 2030. Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi while launching the report, said Uganda's economy is growing rapidly although in the previous two years it was challenged by the dry spells.He said: "Uganda's economy is expected to regain its past growth of about 7% p.a and has the capacity to achieve double digit growth like the Asian Tigers in the 1990s."Mbabazi said the Government will support the sector through public private partnership in the agricultural sector. This will require private investment in large scale mechanized farming and public support for the small holder farmers.The report proposes five objectives for job creation:
  • creating better jobs;
  • making the informal sector more productive, especially in urban areas;
  • improving survival, growth and productivity of firms in the formal sector;
  • ensuring the labour force has the appropriate skills
  • promoting a more efficient urbanization process to support firm growth and job creation in urban areas.
Source: By Samuel Nabwiiso on allAfrica website