Welcoming Ibrahima Sory Youla, YPARD Guinea representative!

Ibrahima, YPARD GuinéeYPARD is delighted to welcome Ibrahima Sory Youla, YPARD representative for Guinea.

These are some words from Ibrahima for you to get to know him:

"If one were to ask my friends to describe me, it would describe me as a very pleasant young, dynamic, diverse, active, and eager for a sustainable agricultural development. I think one of my most distinguishing characteristics is the diversity of experiences I possess. I am the beneficiary of a Masters degree in Finance in Moroccan institute with extensive experience in the management of community development projects.

In recent years I have worked part-time with the Project to Support the Fight against Poverty and the strategic management of development for the MDGs UNDP in Guinea, as in charge of monitoring and evaluation . I am also president of the Youth Association for Agricultural Development evolving in close collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and head of support for improving the incomes of the rural population in Guinea program. In 2011, I was also Project Coordinator of inquiry to identify the needs of the rural population Dubreka.

I believe this unique blend of experience has made me a young person with an original point of view. This mix has given me a broader perspective and understanding of life and a goal especially wanting to become an actor of development of my country.

Among other things my most important achievement was the successful cultivation project 14 hectares of cassava that I was able to manage the village community in the prefecture Tanéné Dubréka.

I am very passionate to participate in some regional and international experiences through a community of young professionals to share in my country. My integration into the team YPARD allow me to improve my vision in my future projects and also participate in the extension of the experiences that I would discover with other young people on the platform. An important factor in my country is the lack of interest of young people in agriculture. It is therefore important through the YPARD platform to encourage these young people with incentives to participate in the development of this sector.

My research interests in sustainable development is to implement new formula to support community organizations in agriculture, with better control of inclusive finance and also participate in the socio-economic development of my country in particular and that of Africa in general.

I'm a greedy man to learn with technical aptitude and an interest in the agricultural sector. I also have a passion for regional trade and understanding the different experiences of the world in the context of green growth. All these elements have given me a broad perspective, with varying degrees of knowledge in a wide range of topics. I firmly believe that, even if some are not directly related, all these qualities will influence my involvement in YPARD community initiatives for a strong involvement of young people in my country in the RAD."

Welcome, Ibrahima; you have already shown your outstanding commitment for "young professionals in agriculture"'s empowerment and we are convinced that counting you among YPARD Team will boost YPARD activities not only in Guinea but also in Africa, and internationally.