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International Technical assistant (ITA) - Agronomist expert in sustainable agricultural production techniques, Democratic Republic of Congo

BTC LogoAs part of the development of its activities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), its largest cooperation program in terms of budget and staff, BTC is seeking:

Technical Assistant International (ATI) - Agronomist, expert in sustainable agricultural production techniques
Democratic Republic of Congo
Ref .: RDC / 12 / 171-4
Duration of contract: 21 monthsProbable starting date: As soon as possible.
Duty Station: Kasai Oriental Province, Mbuji-Mayi

Monthly salary package for long-term expatriation: for the DRC between 6002.40 euros and 8983.16 euros (including monthly gross salary and benefits related to expatriate status: pain and expatriation bonuses). The salary is calculated according to the household composition and the relevant professional experience. Difficultness and expatriation incentives vary by country; Their level for the DRC is among the highest.
The position is to be filled within the agricultural development program (PRODAKOR) of the province of Kasaï Oriental in synergy with the program of disenclavement (PRODEKOR).

The creation of the provincial programs responds to the desire of the Belgian side to move the center of gravity of its interventions closer to the local partners, with a view to efficiency, proximity and enhanced collaboration.


The aim of the program is to increase farmers' incomes through the opening-up of agricultural production areas and support to family farming systems.
The agricultural development component aims at improving agricultural production in the area and a sustainable increase in the incomes of family farms from their agricultural activities, in an environmentally friendly process, by including interventions in market dynamics and taking into account The constraints and differentiated needs of women and men.
More specifically, the expected results are as follows:
• Output 1: Technical innovation, peasant experimentation and support services for family farms are improved. They emerge in a process of empowering peasant organizations in the villages and offer innovative techniques that can improve the profitability of family farms.
• Outcome 2: Conservation, processing and marketing of products from family farms is improved
• Outcome 3: Improved Agricultural Sector Governance in the Province
• Outcome 4: Strengthening the leadership of rural women

The function of Agronomist expert in sustainable agricultural production techniques:

Under the functional authority of the provincial coordinator, the agronomist will be responsible for the implementation of the PRODAKOR component. He / she will be directly involved in the Agricultural Production component and in the Transformation / Marketing component. He / she will work in close consultation with the other technical assistants of the program, the National Institute for Studies and Agronomic Research (INERA), the Provincial Inspectorate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Breeding (IPAPEL) , Agents at the territorial and sectoral level, and all other key players in the sector.

For this reason:
• He / she is responsible for the technical management of the program, prepares the methodology and adapts the strategy of the different components with the different key partners.
• He / she is responsible for the technical and financial planning of activities and the development of the program's action plan. He / she presents the annual program of activities to the coordination for approval.
• He / she develops the technical-financial tools with the partners for the implementation of the actions
• Supervises the technical team of the program (national technical assistants and antenna staff).
• He / she facilitates the various consultation workshops with the main actors of the sector (civil society, administrations, private).
• It contributes to the political dialogue supported by the coordinator for all sectoral technical aspects.
• He / she contributes, in consultation with the coordinator and the administrative and financial manager, to the technical aspects relating to the various public procurement contracts (materials and equipment, cartage, materials ...) and services (studies, sensitization, training, extension ...) ).
• He / she participates in internal monitoring and evaluation and in the preparation of technical support missions and external monitoring missions
• He / she promotes a policy of strengthening the position of women, within the framework of the strategy of integration of the gender dimension of the BTC
• S / he drafts the annual reports, presents the results and reports the program to the SMCL

Required profile :
• Agricultural engineer or equivalent Master
Experience Required:
• Experience of at least 7 years in the management of agricultural development projects;
• Experience working in the field of agricultural advice, chain approach and strengthening within farmers' organizations;
• Experience working with state technical services;
• Experience in
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