FRIDA 2012 awards - Opportunity for youth in Latin American and Caribbean region!

The 2012 FRIDA Award seeks to recognize the important ICT contributions that innovation initiatives have made to the social and economic development of the Latin American and Caribbean region. Based on Internet Governance themes, it focuses on the areas of access, freedom, development and innovation. Five awards will be given to nominated projects and initiatives, being one award for each of the 4 following subject areas:
  • Access – this includes initiatives that expanded fixed and mobile access to the internet through new forms of technical and organizational arrangements as well as improve the quality of access based on issues of accessibility, disability and linguistic diversity.
  • Freedoms – this includes initiatives related to freedom of expression, freedom of association, privacy, security, consumer’s rights, new forms of intellectual property in the digital environment and a wider range of issues related to internet and human rights.
  • Development –This includes initiatives that use the internet to contribute directly to the solution of environmental and socio–economic challenges. It is such as education, health, access to finance and environmental conditions.
  • Innovation – Includes initiatives that introduced technical innovation on any aspect related with Internet development, ranging from physical to conceptual. Among others, it includes innovation in materials, devices, standards for software and content, as well as aspects related to development of the semantic web. 
Finally, one award for the most creative project and best 2.0 campaign. Promote your project and nominate it for the 2012 FRIDA Award! The winners will receive cash prizes and will participate in the 2012 IGF in Baku, Azerbaijan! Applications are open until June 1st, 2012! For further details on how to participate, please refer to the Rules for Participation. Background In 2010, the original organizers of the FRIDA program (LACNIC, IDRC and ISOC) developed a new format, the Frida Awards, which focused on acknowledging the best initiatives of the region, opening up to a wide range of projects and initiatives of different sizes. In contrast with the small grants format that emphasizes new pilots and research projects, the award system responded to the interest in identifying existing practices that can be scaled-up and to showcase good experiences among decision makers in the region. Since 2010, The FRIDA award conducted two calls for nominations, which granted 15 awards to initiatives from 7 economies.   More information on the official website.