NIBEECON 2015 - Call for Technical Papers

Technical papers will be orally presented from the thematic areas, though related topics may be accepted depending on the assessment by the scientific committee.

Guidelines for Paper Presentation

All papers for presentation at the conference must meet the following guidelines:

  • Clearly indicate the category of your paper in adherence to the thematic areas.

  • All abstracts must be written in English, and will be assessed before assigning it to the appropriate session.

  • Use MS Word for the main document and power point presentation for the summary to be presented.

  • The title must not exceed 30 words while the paper should not exceed 2,500 words.

  • The text (including tables) should be single-spaced; left and right justified and typed using a 12-point Times New Roman font. The text should be typeset on A4 with a 3.5 cm margin on left side of the page, while all other sides may be kept to 2.5 cm. Let blank line separates a new paragraph and do not indent at the beginning of paragraphs.

  • Use italics for names of species (e.g. Apis mellifera), and Latin expressions (e.g. et al. and ad lib).

  • The title should be upper case and bold. Include the names of all authors/presenters and the email address of the leading presenter/author.

  • Tables and Figures: Please submit high quality figures, photos and tables that are clearly legible as poor quality figures will not be redrawn.

  • Before submitting the paper, please make sure you review your paper by having a look at the print out of the document: Please make sure that the graphs are readable and the fonts are not too small.

  • Submit the abstract to Once the abstract is submitted, you will receive acknowledgment notification from the conference secretariat. This acknowledgment notification does not confirm the approval of the paper. You will equally be notified if your paper is confirmed for presentation latest by September 30, 2015.

Submission of Paper & Abstract

Paper and abstract must be submitted via electronic mail to

The deadlines are as follows:

Submission of Abstracts: 31 August, 2015

Confirmation of Abstracts: 14 September, 2015

Submission of Full Papers: 14 October, 2015

All conditions stated above are applicable to Poster presentations

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