Handing over YPARD India’s representation – Team set for Indian Youth-in-Agriculture’s empowerment

Sridhar Gutam, former YPARD India representativeI was introduced to YPARD by Jieying Bi, YPARD China representative, in 2011, at the CIARD Consultation in Beijing; and since then, I have been working for meeting its aims and objectives. In 2012, I got an opportunity to participate at the GCARD2 sessions related to youth in agriculture as YPARD delegate from India. In the starting of year 2013, I was nominated as YPARD India representative.During my tenure as country representative, I was mostly involved in building the network of YPARD in India by actively using the social media networks, interacting with agricultural students and scientists and motivating them to join YPARD. Before the end of the tenure, a working group with active YPARD members from India was created, such as an advisory group comprising seniors who are working on issues related to youth in agriculture.   I am confident that the incoming YPARD India Representative, Yash would lead YPARD India network successfully. He showed strong leadership skills during his coordination of the two mega events on youth and agriculture namely workshop on “Foresight and Future Pathways of Agricultural Research through Youth in India” at New Delhi in March 2013 and “Regional Workshop on Youth and Agriculture: Challenges and Opportunities” at Islamabad, Pakistan, in October 2013.  I hope that YPARD India community would involve itself in activities related to the issues they face as students, young farmers or young agricultural scientists/researchers in India and engage with the policy makers in India for the development of suitable solutions to the issues/problems faced by young professionals in Agricultural Development in India.During my tenure as Country Representative, I had very good support from some key YPARD Team members and partners: Courtney, Marina, Seenu, Nidhi, Bi, Yash, Mai, Dinesh, Meerim, Ajit, Peter, Paroda and many others in building the YPARD network in India. I profusely thank each one of them and the whole YPARD community.